A downloadable game

WARNING: The following game may contain sensitive material (trigger warnings include suicide mention, drug mention, fourth wall breaks and possible mentions of sexual abuse) that might not be suitable for certain audience. Please do not play the game if you are sensitive to the aforementioned material, or proceed to play with caution. Viewer discretion is advised!!!

Your name is ______ and you are the Puppeteer of this story. You are assigned a lost soul named Max. He's the cook from Zone 3, and his current job is to deliver food to the Guardians. Your job on the other hand, before you proceed to claim the boy for your Sacred Mission, is to aid him in his deliveries. You will meet friends, old and new, you will meet enemies, old and new, but one thing will be certain. Will the lost soul remember his past? 

It is required that you play the original game before you play this game in order to understand the story in a different light. This is but a fanmade sequel to the original game, and it's free!

The game is currently on it's second patch (and the last patch unless bug fixes are necessary) and it goes all the way to Zone 4 and ends with Zone  0. The list of bug fixes and credits are listed in the readme file. 

Install instructions

This one is very simple. All you have to do is download the game, extract the game to any random folder of your choosing and simply click on the rpg_rt application to start the game. If your game refuses to load, then download the runtime package from the official site (not sure if it would be necessary because FullPackageFlag=1 is present in the rpg_rt configuration setting. If not, the open the rpg_rt configuration setting and input FullPackageFlag=1 and save it. It should work)


Borderline.rar 160 MB